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Qube Residential are a forward-thinking and service-focused property management company based in Liverpool but managing properties across the Northwest and Nationwide.

PropCall’s partnership with Qube Residential has allowed us to enhance their property management operations and deliver unparalleled customer support. With our reliable and effective call handling services, Qube Residential has experienced significant improvements in resident satisfaction and staff well-being.


“When we first started working with PropCall, it was immediately obvious that there are huge benefits to having actual property managers dealing with issues, as opposed to just using an answering service.”

Sean Walsh
Director of Property Management

Solutions Provided

Our team of trained property managers stepped in to provide immediate support and first-time resolution to residents’ maintenance issues, without needing to constantly involve the Qube team.

Through the use of video calls and telephone troubleshooting, our property managers could remotely assist residents in resolving common maintenance problems. This approach not only reduced the need for unnecessary contractor callouts, but also ensured that residents received timely assistance and support regardless of what time they called, enhancing Qube’s reputation as a provider of outstanding service.

Additionally, PropCall extended its services to support Qube Residential in capturing valuable new business enquiries both during and after regular business hours. These included sales, lettings, and valuation leads.


Benefits Achieved

By partnering with PropCall, Qube Residential has experienced a wide range of benefits. Property managers now enjoy an improved work-life balance and increased job satisfaction. With the burden of after-hours calls lifted, they can fully recharge and be more productive during regular working hours.

Residents also benefit from the expertise and immediate support provided by our trained property managers. Through video calls and troubleshooting, many maintenance issues can now be resolved remotely, saving time and resources.

Moreover, Qube Residential’s reputation as a reliable and customer-focused property management provider has been further enhanced through their partnership with PropCall. The ability to address after-hours calls promptly and efficiently has earned them a reputation for exceptional customer service and reliability.

Benefits & Results Delivered

What Impact Did Working with PropCall Have?

Improved Work-Life Balance

Less Contractor Call Outs

Enhanced Reputation

Increased Enquiry Capture


The collaboration between PropCall and Qube Residential has revolutionised their property management operations. By entrusting their after-hours call handling to our dedicated team, Qube Residential has experienced increased staff well-being, improved resident satisfaction, and enhanced business reputation. Our streamlined and efficient approach to after-hours support has not only saved costs but has also positioned Qube Residential as a market leader in delivering exceptional customer service.


“My team can now fully switch off after hours, and we trust PropCall to make the best possible decisions on our behalf. Highly recommend.”

Sean Walsh – Director of Property Management @ Qube Residential

Sean Walsh - Director of Property Management @ Qube Residential

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