Student Lettings Case Study


Our client is a national student letting specialist, with managed assets across 11 major cities in the UK.


Before working with PropCall, the company relied on “student ambassadors” to support residents as an extension of their site team, providing help with lockouts or even minor maintenance issues. This was a costly exercise as student ambassadors were compensated with reduced rents and ad-hoc cash payments. It also raised safety concerns and employment law issues. Alongside this, the SAs were supposed to be available 24/7, but were often unreliable – travelling home without telling anybody they had left site leaving students with no OOH support.


PropCall became the off-site concierge for all 11 buildings, providing the following services:


  • Off-site CCTV monitoring
  • Site Access
  • Individual Room Access for Lockouts
  • Emergency Maintenance Request Line


This saw huge improvements in the service reliability, with students always having somebody to communicate with in the event of a maintenance request, or as frequently dealt with – locking themselves out of their individual rooms!


Since then, many of the resident students have recommended the client on social media for being there whenever they need them, particularly during the pandemic when other companies were reducing staff numbers and offering reduced services.


The client saved a significant amount of the costs by removing the student ambassador role, which also protected them from any future disputes regarding employment law and student ambassador safety.


Limitations of student ambassadors:


  • Frequently missed calls
  • Often SAs returned home with no notice
  • Employment Law concerns
  • Safety of SAs had to be considered at all times – late night lockouts and noise complaints should be handled by property management professionals as opposed to residents themselves
  • Requirements to maintain an “on-call” rota
  • Huge costs vs benefit


Service Improvements by working with PropCall:


  • True 24-hour operation from office-based PropCall team
  • Hourly logs taken of CCTV monitoring
  • Lockout processes improved and made more secure
  • CCTV monitoring set up to protect assets
  • Site access able to be given to contractors and deliveries out of normal hours




  • Saved significant portion of costs from SA role removal
  • Removal of employment law and safety concerns
  • True 24-hour availability meant students always felt heard
  • Increased reputation amongst student market
  • Improvements in Google ratings for each site managed