Strengthen Your Recruitment Process With PropCall. 

2 minute read

Recruiting top talent in the property industry can often feel like navigating a labyrinth, with many agencies across the country facing a shortage of skilled staff.  But what exactly are the barriers to attracting new talent to the industry? 

Diving into the common Google searches around asset management and estate agency gives us a clearer picture of the perception that many prospective lettings staff hold about the industry: 

  • “Is being an asset manager stressful?” 
  • “How many hours do asset managers work?” 
  • “Are estate agents happy?” 
  • “What is it like being a lettings negotiator?” 
  • “Why do I want to work in lettings?” 

The frequently searched phrases cover a range of key points, from stress and job satisfaction to questions on what the day-to-day role of a lettings agent looks like. The answers to all of these searches are vital in the process of attracting talent to the industry. 

So, how can PropCall help you tackle perceptions? 

One of our main missions at PropCall is to help lettings agents across the country provide a greater work-life balance for their teams. By integrating PropCall into your business, you can guarantee that your asset managers will only ever need to work their contracted hours – a promise that not all of your competitors can make! 

Our director Sarah said: “There is no denying that the world of asset management can be stressful, but by reducing the need for out of hours working you can give your team the freedom to relax on their off-hours without the anxiety of being called into work to solve a tenant issue.” 

At PropCall, we frequently ask for feedback from our clients to ensure we are providing them with the best possible service and so we can continue to tailor our offering to fully support each asset management team we work with, whether that’s through 24-hour call answering or out-of-hours property management. 

Lee Bilburgh from Pure Lettings is one agent who uses our property management services.

When we reached out to him to review his experience with us, he said: “Propcall gives us the comfort that our tenants, and in turn their landlords, are fully looked after, even when the office is closed. Tenants really value the ability to speak to someone when an urgent situation arises and it also takes the pressure of our staff knowing there is someone fielding calls, and resolving issues, out-of-hours.’” 

Find out more about how our property management services can be tailored to support your team by requesting a callback, or get in touch with us on 0161 510 5600.