PropCall Technology

PropCall Technology


Here at PropCall we use the most advanced technology to help with your out-of-hours calls.


Remote Virtual Assistance:

We use Video and AR to visually assist callers and carry out inspections remotely. Our software will increase your first call resolution, improve NPS, and reduce the need for contractors to visit properties. It is incredibly simple to use with no app download necessary for your callers. It works seamlessly on the majority of smartphones and allows us to guide callers through situations with visual support (annotations, pointers, chat etc.) on their screen during the call.

– Our RVA Supports all major mobile browsers so your guest users don’t have to install an app.

– SMS, WhatsApp or Email – Choose how you invite your guest users.

Increase Safety, Reduce Callouts and Provide Accurate Job Descriptions Being able to resolve issues remotely will not only improve customer satisfaction, but also has the added benefit of reducing spend on contractor callouts to assess situation. In situations still requiring contractor attendance, we will prepare reports based on our video calls to ensure the contractor has all the information they require to deliver a first-time resolution.

Live Pointer – Use a Live pointer on a live video stream to navigate the end-user.

– Markup and Live editing – Draw and markup on an image using pointers, arrow, and text. Save the image for future reference.

– Web and Mobile Screen Share – Remote assistance software allows you to share screen from mobile and web devices. Markup and annotate on shared view.

– Remote Zoom- Remotely zoom with remote visual support features that enable you to view finite details.

– Optical Character Recognition – Extract Text and Numbers from images. Eg. VIN number, Barcode, Model Number, etc.

– Capture and Save Image – Capture and save images from live stream or screen share. Documentation is easy with our remote video support features.

If you’d like to discuss how we can deliver measurable value to your property management company, please get in touch.