Meet our MD, Aaron Mcwilliam

3 minute read

We spent some time with Aaron Mcwilliam the Director to find out more about his role at PropCall.

Tell us a little bit about your role at PropCall

I’m responsible for the day-to-day management of the business, across everything from operational service delivery, business development, customer service, marketing, and process improvement.

How did you get where you are today?

I did my degree in International Business at Manchester Metropolitan University, with a focus on Marketing, as that was always an area I was (and still am!) really passionate about. That somewhat naturally led me into a career in B2B sales, where I progressed from telesales into sales management. From there I became a commercial sales manager for a national company, responsible for £5million+ in annual revenues.

While primarily working in sales, I’ve always been really keen to understand the operations of a company from end-to-end, so anywhere I’ve worked in the past I’ve gained huge experience in that industry not just from a new business perspective, but also a service delivery point-of-view.

The experience I’ve gained in different industries ultimately led me to where I am now, as I have managed in a whole variety of different business sectors. As a self-confessed tech geek, it’s my telecoms, technology and communications experience which has probably proven the most valuable in making our service delivery as effective as possible, as without the knowledge on how to deliver what we do, we probably wouldn’t have much of a business!

What makes PropCall stand out?

Our working property management experience and the fact that we make commercial decisions on our clients’ behalf is huge. We don’t just take messages and we’re not an answering service by any means. We’re here to act as an extension of a business to give them the ability to work 24/7, and we can only do that by truly understanding the companies we work with down to the finest details. I don’t think we would be trusted to manager over 4500 properties across the country if we weren’t exceptionally good property managers to begin with.

What do you love about your role?

Knowing that the services my team deliver is a gamechanger for the companies we work for. It’s easy to be passionate about something that adds tremendous value to a client not just professionally, but personally. There’s a huge focus on work/life balance at the moment and I certainly think improvements in that area come as natural by-products of what we do.

I’m also immensely proud of the people I work with, as they really do go above and beyond what they’re expected to do. From a recruitment perspective, I’ve been exceptionally lucky in being able to take on some genuinely outstanding people.

What is the best piece of professional advice you’ve ever received?

“Come to me with a solution, not a problem”.

During my placement year down in London working for an events company, my boss Denis hit me with me that one after I took an issue to him. There are certain things that really stick with you in life, and this was definitely one of them – it completely changed my approach to how I deal with things and how I deal with challenges both personally and professionally.

How do you wind down outside of work?

Football (both watching and playing), spiced rum and spending time with my wife, who’s also a huge football supporter. As an early 90s baby, I’m also a massive gaming fan as that’s what I spent most of my time doing growing up.

Where is the best place you have travelled to?

South Africa. I’ve been twice doing voluntary work in my late teens and would love to buy some land out there one day. It’s an absolutely stunning country.

If you could pick up a skill in an instant, what would it be?

I’d love to be able to speak fluent Spanish. I can speak some very basic phrases but it’s definitely on the “skills to add” list.

What animal do you think most matches your personality?

Probably a dog – I tend to always see the best in people unless they give me serious reason to see otherwise, and I’d say I’m usually very enthusiastic and energetic.

If you had one day to do anything, what would you do?

I’d spend a day by a pool in a 5-star all-inclusive holiday resort somewhere sunny. It’s been over 18 months since we last went abroad so I’m definitely looking forward to when I can make this particular dream a reality!