How PropCall’s out-of-hours property management services can help reduce mass burnout

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The term ‘burnout’ is often used in and around workspaces, especially in ‘9-5’ office environments. 

Job burnout is a type of stress directly linked to work. It can manifest as feeling worn out, both physically and emotionally, and may also result in feeling powerless, useless or empty. While it isn’t a medical diagnosis, experts believe that other conditions, such as depression and anxiety, can result from excessive burnout at work. 

That’s where PropCall comes in. 

With employees 70% more likely to experience burnout when faced with unreasonable time constraints and 62% reporting long working hours causing tiredness and stress we wanted to give property managers and estate agents a chance to ‘stop’. Stop stressing about what they’re missing in the office outside their working hours, stop working way past that 5 o’clock finish and stop feeling the need to answer the phone in the middle of the night. 

This helps create a healthy work-life balance among your workforce, prevents your staff from feeling overworked and overtired, and keeps them happier and healthier both in and out of work. 

1 in 5 employees feel the need to keep up with what’s happening at work, but with our out-of-hours property management service, you simply won’t need to. 

We will be an extended part of your team, answering out-of-hours calls under your name, so the brilliant service is still attributed to your company. All calls will be picked up, managed and, if necessary, contractors will visit the property and sort the issue before you’re back at work in the morning.

With unhappy workers being 13% less productive in their roles, it’s important to get ahead of burnout among your workforce as it could lead to unhappy tenants, unhappy customers and an unhappy you in the long run. 

With PropCall taking over the reins after close of play, you can enjoy more time to yourself, meaning you can relax, unwind and feel refreshed the next day.

We work with a range of property management companies, carrying out their out-of-hours work. We are a team of real, experienced, property professionals answering the phones. No robots, AI or answering machines.

We’re able to resolve 20-30 issues over the phone every evening during the week, saving you time and headaches in the mornings. Every call averages around a 15-minute duration, saving our customers approximately 7.5 hours a day – 37.5 hours across Monday-Friday. That’s a lot of brews you’d be missing without us! 

Alongside taking on 100% of your out-of-hours calls, we also offer 24-hour emergency contractor call-outs. So, we’re not just compiling a list for your desk in the morning, we’re solving the problems too! 

Who we help: 

  • Estate and Lettings Agents 
  • Student Lettings 
  • Block management 
  • Social housing

If you’d like to find out more about how PropCall’s out-of-hours property management services could help your work-life balance, request a callback or get in touch via 0161 510 5600. 

Statistics extracted from Spill