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We couldn’t have been nominated for any of these awards without you, so celebrate with us on social media.

This blog post is about the awards PropCall has been so gratefully nominated for. After a kickstart year in 2020 when the world was in array, we had our best year, as we broke into the market with our Out of Hours Call Handling Services. This was only just the beginning and the bed rock to all our achievements to come. Now we are half-way through 2022, we can look back over past couple of years and pat ourselves on the back for how far we have come. Without getting complacent, we are looking forward to achieving even more. It is important to celebrate achievements and then swiftly move onto how you can better yourselves, stay relevant and adapt.

We are delighted to be nominated for the following awards! if you find yourself there and notice us, do not hesitate to come and say hello; we’ll certainly be dotting around and speaking with all.

Property Awards 2022

  • Entrepreneur of the Year
  • 7th June – London

Start Up Awards

  • Northwest England – Innovative Start-up
  • 5th July – Manchester

UK BIZ Awards – Finalists in the below categories

  • Disruptive, Innovative Business Model – Professional and financial services
  • Best New Business
  • Entrepreneur of the year
  • 7th July

Greater Manchester Business Awards

  • Businessperson of the Year
  • 2nd September – Manchester

We pride ourselves on innovation and the ability to stay ahead of the curve, it isn’t easily done and probably the hardest pillar for any business to achieve. We focus our efforts on the best technologies and sourcing the best individuals in business to implement change. Take our website for example, we refreshed and took on industry experts to push the limits of its capability, we have had great success with a new lead generation form, and the ease of use from the website. We have recruited into our Business Development Department to source new clients, whilst also focusing on how we can improve on our existing base. We demand the highest service, so we’ve invested into it, offering, and meeting our clients’ needs through continual growth.

To further our innovation, we have invested into our remote video assistant for repairing leaks, to ensure clear and consist lines of communications between customers and ourselves, that we then can relay to our clients. Communication is our key aim, as we are within the telecommunication. However, with a flare that no one else offers a bespoke 24/7 or out of hours services with industry knowledge like us.

What makes us entrepreneurs is all the typical things you’d associate with being one, kickstart beginnings, innovation, original technology, ideas, company structure, disrupting the industry, market penetration… the list goes on. We are all those things but at our core we are a family from a humble start, with a passion and a togetherness that would be hard found elsewhere. Our team are personal with customers, yet informative with clients.

Let’s celebrate together, you are a part of this journey too!

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