Block Management Case Study

block management

Our client is managing agent for residential blocks of accommodation in the midlands. Prior to working with PropCall, they diverted their calls from the company landline to the site maintenance team’s work mobile phone.


Frequently, the site team were disturbed out-of-hours by calls from tenants of the properties they were in regarding issues that were not their responsibility. Issues which fell within the demise of the properties were the responsibility of the landlord in question.


On occasion, calls would even go unanswered as site staff were busy with personal things (childcare, eating/travelling or even sometimes just sleeping!). This led to a number of negative reviews on their Google and Trustpilot pages, while leaseholders of the properties within the block became dissatisfied with the service levels that were being provided, as they were concerned that site emergencies may be unattended using this method of call handling.


There were also occasional issues with attending contractors requiring access to areas of the building only accessible by the site team. When these contractors called, site staff would sometimes be unable to provide the access codes for meter cupboards or riser cupboards which were needed to confirm works undertaken were successful.


PropCall took over management of the out-of-hours calls for 1 block within the client’s portfolio to begin with, in order to demonstrate our tremendous value-add. Using regular reporting to feedback the types of issues callers were bringing up, including information about how much time was spent handling these calls, our client was extremely satisfied with the major improvement in service and the ability to offer a guaranteed 24-Hour support which would not be hampered by any unanswered calls. Subsequently the client brought the rest of their block management portfolio on board with PropCall and have since been commended for dramatic improvements in customer service. It is not uncommon during their working week that callers ask to speak to the named members of the PropCall team as they were so impressed with their resolution of the issues they raised. This is a huge compliment to the PropCall team but ultimately all of the glory goes to the client in question as calls are answered under their brand – PropCall are proud to be the unsung hero if it drives our client’s reputation forward.


Limitations of mobile divert:


  • Callers often getting in touch with issues not the responsibility of the managing agent, disturbing staff unnecessarily
  • Calls occasionally not answered
  • Could be argued to not be a true 24-hour service offering, in breach of service provision agreements
  • Lack of consistency in how issues are dealt with by different members of the team across the portfolio
  • Requirements to maintain an “on-call” rota


Service Improvements by working with PropCall:


  • True 24-hour operation from office-based PropCall team
  • Callers guided to the correct points of contact for calls no the responsibility of the client
  • Access provided to the site for any attending contractors, including any required codes for key safes to access meter cupboards, plant rooms, risers etc.
  • Site emergencies dealt with effectively on the clients behalf, including contractor call outs for any issues which were deemed the responsibility of the managing agent




  • Improved job satisfaction due to well rested staff with no requirements for added OOH work
  • Reduced staffing costs for on-call team members
  • Calls answered 100% of the time meaning no emergencies situations were missed
  • Improvements in resident satisfaction
  • Client reputation enhanced as forward thinking, 24 hr organisation
  • Contractor attendance managed and supported even outside of normal working hours
  • Cost-neutral to the client as fees were taken from service charge budget as an additional service