24HR Emergency Contractor Call Outs and Management

A full end-to-end management of maintenance calls means we will triage problems on your behalf, offering expert first-line support for a range of issues.


This includes:


  • Triaging urgency of the issue
  • Contacting contractors to attend
  • Providing guaranteed site access
  • Contacting the attending contractor for updates while on-site
  • Requesting photos of completed works
  • Confirming associated costs
  • Preparing full reports for management on issues, decisions made, justifications, associated costs and final outcomes.

Typical issues we handle on behalf of clients include but are not limited to:


  • Escape of water/leaks
  • Drainage problems
  • Loss of electricity
  • Lockouts
  • Damage to property
  • Boiler issues


Where we can’t resolve the issue remotely, we will endeavor to determine whether the issue is urgent enough to warrant an out of hours contractor attending.

Please note – we would always prefer to use the client’s listed preferred OOH contractor but can also provide our own as a back-up or if preferred.

Should we determine an issue is urgent and requires attendance, we will keep residents up to date, guarantee access and collect updates, feedback and reports form the attending contractor. Following this we prepare reports detailing actions taken, justification and outcomes, alongside any associated costs. This means your team can focus on handling issues that arise through the day and give you the peace of mind we can look after everything through the night.